Meziere Starters

  1. Meziere 100 Series Chevy Starters

    Meziere 100 Series Chevy Starters

    The all new design of the Meziere “True Start” starter incorporates superior components and design elements throughout. A powerful motor provides 20% more power than any Hitachi based starter. The TS100/TS101 starters are recommended for engines smaller than 420 CID and up to 14.5:1 compression. The TS119 is designed to fit LS engines with 168T flexplate or ring gear.
    Price: $344.79
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  2. Meziere 300 Series Chevy Starters

    Meziere 300 Series Chevy Starters

    The Meziere 300 Series starters are designed with a slim profile. They provide torque and spin speed characteristics that far surpass most gear reduction starters. They use our robust drive and custom planetary gear reduction.
    Price: $525.13
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  3. Meziere 400/500 Series Chevy Starters

    Meziere 400/500 Series Chevy Starters

    Well known among today's racers is the pain of starter failure. With Meziere being involved in the high performance automotive industry as manufacturers as well as competitors, they know all to well the type of starter trouble that enthusiasts are having. Meziere starters are tested to the extreme and do not leave their facility until everything is right. Standard tests that all Meziere starters are subjected to includes: amp draw, power and rotational speed under load as well as free rev testing to ensure proper balance of internal rotating parts. Meziere starters raise the industry standard to bring to you truly trouble-free parts for your vehicle.
    Price: $0.00
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  4. TS408

    Meziere True Start For Ford, Standard Mount

    The Meziere 400 Series starters are the benchmark for performance racing engines. Our proprietary drive, revolutionary pinion support and robust solenoid activation make these the absolute best option for starting large cubic inch and high compression engines.
    Price: $525.15
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