Jack System Parts / Accessories

Parts and accessories that compliment you Dakar Jacking System
  1. Jack Plug Valve

    Jack Plug Valve

    An accessory to the jacking system. When installed inline on the "extend" side of the jack assembly plumbing, closing this valve will isolate the fluid in the Jack Assembly. This is very useful as it allows the jacks to remain "extended" with the engine off for an indefinite period of time. Great for addressing major repairs in the field that require immediate attention or servicing your vehicle in the pits or at the shop.

    Price: $48.28
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  2. Control Manifold Reseal Kit | All German Motorsports

    Control Manifold Reseal Kit

    Reseal kit includes all seals and backer rings required to rebuild /reseal 1 Control Manifold

    Price: $122.78
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  3. Hydraulic Line Kit | All German Motorsports

    Hydraulic Line Kit

    Hydraulic Line Kit includes 30 feet of high-pressure hose, -4AN hose fittings to connect the control manifold to the jack assemblies (4 straight, 2 90 degree-short and 2 90 degree long fittings).

    Price: $231.21
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  4. Upper Chassis Mounts | All German Motorsports

    Upper Chassis Mounts

    The Upper Chassis Mount is designed to locate the of top the Jack assembly to the Chassis and bear the majority of the lifting load.

    Price: $61.82
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  5. Power Steering Pressure Relief Valve | All German Motorsports

    Power Steering Pressure Relief Valve

    AGM’s power steering pressure relief valve is the compact, lightweight answer to regulating pressure in your power steering system. By keeping the pressure in the system below the maximum levels of the power steering pump the AGM pressure relief valve helps to reduce load and premature wear on the pump. 

    Price: $299.58
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  6. Power Steering Pressure Relief Valve Test Gauge Assembly | All German Motorsports

    Power Steering Pressure Relief Valve Test Gauge Assembly

    Setting the correct pressure in your power steering system is on the utmost importance. Too high and you can prematurely wear or even damage components. Too low and you can affect your steering response time and increase feedback. So to ensure that the pressure in your individual power steering system is set to the correct PSI we offer a 0-2000 PSI gauge and assembly...

    Price: $78.65
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  7. Service Wrench | All German Motorsports

    Service Wrench

    This special Tool aids in the assembly and disassembly of each Jack. Made of lightweight aluminum, anodized in satin black. And featuring a clamping end and a spanner wrench. This special tool is must-have for any racer equipped with an AGM Jack System.
    Price: $97.17
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  8. 8" Baja Jack Pad | All German Motorsports

    Jacking System Pad -ONLY-

    Replacement Jacking System Pad 8" Baja (dished) or 12" Dakar (flat) without foot assembly.  


    Price: $0.00
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  9. Complete foot assembly | All German Motorsports

    Complete Foot Assembly 8" or 12" pad

    Complete foot assembly with 8" diameter Baja pad (dished) or 12" diameter Dakar pad (flat).


    Price: $0.00
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Parts and accessories that compliment you Dakar Jacking System