Shock Shaft Jaws

Shock Shaft Jaws | All German Motorsports

Part Number: AGM-SSJ-5KIT
Price: $135.00
  • AGM’s Shock Shaft Jaws are designed to securely clamp the shaft of your shock during service or repair, preventing shaft rotation that can lead to scarring the shaft and damaging your shock’s seals.
  • Made from high-quality 6061 aluminum, the precision machined design works in any vice or press and accommodates shaft diameters from .625" to 1.25".

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What does the reservoir piston tool do and how does it work?

Answer. The Shock Shaft Jaw set is equipped for the 5 most common shock shaft sizes. And unlike a towel, these bores have been precision machined to fit perfectly over your shock’s shaft providing a smooth, non-destructive, positive clamping force around the entire circumference of the shaft. The set also features a spring loaded pin that holds the two halves of the jaws together making installation and removal simple and easy.